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Dec. 16th, 2011 @ 11:44 pm
She pushed in before me, in the supermarket queue
pretended not to see me, in that way women do.
She put on the counter some bread and milk too
and then she pulled out five different bottles of shampoo.
And I thought to myself, 'I will never understand women.'
And I hear some of you saying, 'Yeah but all men are all the same!
They all think they're so cool and are ruled by their dicks.'
That might be true of me, but it ain't true of all of us
so don't point that finger so quick.

I do see some of the blokes though,
In the clubs, pinching girls arses, trying to be intimidating
Making obscene passes. Man, she's a goddess, you can tell by the way she dances.
But you call her a slag when she don't accept your advances.
You just show you got no respect for yourself, show you ain't got the balls
to just talk to a girl.
So when she chats to me, you spit at her and shout 'Whore!'
Well it is written, in the art of war, to fight only the battles you can win.
But I will defend your honour til they kick my face in.
If you have to scrape me broken boned, bruised, bloodied, and battered up off the floor..
Well FUCK IT. Integrity is what black eyes were invented for.

So down with the dick-tatorship, that is so cock-sure,
they use rape as a weapon of war.
FUCK the man who thinks it's ok to give his wife a punch,
FUCK the judge who says it weren't rape cause she was drunk.
And if you're pro-life. I mean if you're PRO .. LIFE,
then become a doctor, or foster a kid.
Make it possible for people who are alive to live.
But don't you dare tell women what they can and can't do,
when it was a woman that gave life to you.

Yes, I'm a man, a fairly stereotypical one,
but I ain't afraid to say I think all women are beautiful and strong.
Too fat, too thin, that's just media spin,
you look best when you're comfortable in your own skin.
So I'm sorry, if we've made you feel undue,
the truth be known...I'm in awe of you.
You're a giver of life and warrior too.
So do you really need FIVE bottles of shampoo?

Blitzkrieg bop Dec. 12th, 2010 @ 12:04 pm
Last night instead of the usual grind of what weekend is it oh I'm off to a game at X then, I went and saw a workmate's husbands band play their first gig at the Portland arms.
I was somewhat trepidatious at this but I'd said I'd go and I don't think anyone else from work was going which I thought was a bit crap so off I went.
For the first while I was there on my tod but thankfully they had the Newcastle game on and having Andy Carroll as my fantasy team captain this week I obviously had an interest. (20 points off that bad boy this week!)

Folks arrived and then we went and listened to the sound check - turns out that they're a punk covers band and actually sound pretty decent.
More bar and drinking then back through for the support acts
First one was two guys doing acoustic covers of G'n'R's stuff - apparently hadn't even practiced together before the night.. not bad but did have a bit of comedy value to it.

Second one just a drummer and a guitarist doing from what I gathered their own tunes was really good, high energy rock-punky stuff

And then the band we'd came to see "The Stand ins" aka my friend Kirsty's fella's band - yeah mostly it was a bunch of late thirties/early forties blokes on stage doing punk songs from their youth but..
They were surprising good, I mean personally I could have done without the stiff little fingers stuff and had them concentrate on Clash, Ramones, Damned, Jam and Undertones but hey they played a lot of that stuff so no issues.
All in all a good night out

Nov. 18th, 2010 @ 12:52 pm
political ranting cross post from BuzzCollapse )

Life update Sep. 24th, 2010 @ 12:54 am
Well after a good few days off work I'm back to the not so grind stone

Days off were spent doing prep for the requiem weekender game, so including last minute plot writing stressing on the phone with Keymer and then saying fuck it and going to see Resident Evil 3D (not bad though you have to be a fan of the series I reckon) in which they reset the chronicle in the first 5 minutes with a power nerf - though at least it didn't involve orbital mind control lasers.

Then ran the weekender, my that was stressful and yet fulfilling after you finish it, less people than expected which is a shame, especially when you miss those folks who actually campaigned to have one last year..

As ever I get zits when I get stressed so I was glad no photos were taken.

On the other hand Ravenstor YHA is set in a very pretty area, if we do a game with a different venue next year I'll at least have time to go for walks in the countryside as I fucking hate insert other venue here with a firey passion as it sucks donkey balls and is over complicated. Personal opinion, I here their ANST is pretty cool though and runs a good game, I just hate it.

Came home by the scenic route thanks to Radio 2, sat nav and a warning call from Rhona.

Monday and Tuesday on the other-hand were pretty chilled out and nice days. Managed some shopping in the army navy store and got some DVDs from HMV

Wednesday involved another walk, discovered a lot of riverside stuff I didn't know existed by the technology museum.

Today back to work, didn't achieve much other than looking through some old papers trying to suss out a Tissue culture issue - of course as this was on Frenching symptoms this caused all kinds of fun with the blocked sites routine.

This evening was an enforced sit in as Alex "lost" his keys (they were sitting on the kitchen table next to where he parks his ass on the laptop), pity I could have done with going out tbh what with Buzz dramah yesterday.
Maybe I'll get shitfaced tomorrow.

Because Jennings asked me - meanderings and tidbits on Drago Aug. 22nd, 2010 @ 01:25 am
Where to start..
Probably at character creation I guessCollapse )
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Well that's a shit end to the weekend

All in all weekend had a few high spots and some down spots and well a down sinking well of an end I guess

Requiem saturday, had some good patches of RP though it suffered a bit from premise overkill, one or two of the doomy things would have done fine i think

Lost Sunday - did have a very good time up until the last section.. which I know I'm being completely hypocritical and perhaps self centred about but I found to blow goats and left me with a pit of rage I can't work out of my system which tainted most of memories of the game in general it will now be "That game where folks tried to job Drago" rather than one with a bunch of good solid rp with Alex, Sadie, Sally etc.

Get home to find my dad has been trying to contact me about my granddad.
His dad is in hospital, collapsed saturday, did an operation today, but he's not thought likely of making it.
Could be he'll be fine of course but.. apparently his heart's on the blink and he's had septicemia etc.

Now I just feel.. well as you'd expect I guess.
Wish I hadn't even bothered going to games and been around earlier might have been able to do something, more for my dad than his but.. I dunno
» (No Subject)
Interesting article by Phillip Stevens in the FT yesterday


About how if the Con-Dem's want to cut fairly they should be cutting blanket benefits that go to the rich, like say winter fuel payments to minted pensioners and their bus passes etc.

I find it hard to believe that when the older generation have effectively screwed the younger generations out of loads of money in higher tax burdens and massive public service cuts for things which the old enjoyed to excess that Pensions and Pension reform should be off the cards.
I'd never conscience blanket cuts to benefits for the old, my old mum gets by on her basic state pension alone with no hoarded gold and in a council house, but when there are a bunch of folks who retire early with big pension pots etc. and who complain about having to sell their houses to pay for care etc. and think they should get it on the state when they clearly have assets to pay for stuff (why should people be allowed to effectively bludge the state for cash and pass that saving on to their kids as inheritance of a house?) Then I think there is much room for pruning.
Especially so when benefits to the young are being cut back and we probably spend more on any one pensioner than on a childs education, and unemployment and sickness/disability allowances are subject to increasingly tight and some might say too tight regulation why are pensions kept open to give handouts to the rich which they don't need?
» I'd like to say I'm surprised but..
Remember last year there was pretty much blanket news coverage of the democracy protests in Iran after their elections failed to select the western friendly candidate (or more friendly than I'madinnerjacket - apparently the way to start pronouncing his name properly though it sounds a bit dodgy to me)
Well this year we have the Thailand stuff but to me the news coverage seems a lot less there than on Iran - people have died protesting for free elections, the police crack down is harsh and brutal but it seems to pass us by.
Is it because the Thai government is more pro-western?
Or is it to do with oil?

I mean if the Greeks busted protesters like the Thai's did there'd be uproar, someone in the international community should be condemning this, but they don't seem to be, they should be told (pseudo) democratic governments don't act like this, you don't bust heads when all people want is an election

But sadly no-one really seems to want to speak out on it much
» (No Subject)
Its probably a bit silly to still hold a torch for someone you knew 13 or so years ago at university and haven't seen since right?
But last night or rather this morning I awoke from a dream with her in it, and I haven't been able to shake thoughts of her from my head all day.
The annoying thing is its not some idle fantasy crush type person you knew you never had a chance with, but someone I was rather close to at the time who in the last few times we met I felt thought similarly about me, but to whom I never really expressed how I felt - well not properly anyway.
The sort of person who stuck so firmly in my head at the time that I hardly looked or thought about anyone else for years after, even when others did make their feelings known, you know just on the off chance that I'd actually see her again.
The sort of person who every so often my mind wanders back to and wonders why I was so fucking stupid and never said anything, but knows that it was because of the normal fear of rejection shit and my normal its not good manners to do so stuff.
Not someone stunningly beautiful, but someone I found to be for their personality, charm, wit and everything else.
And hmm here she is again in my head 13 years later still 20-21 in my mind, still no idea what ever became of her, still running down the street in her bare feet like the last time I saw her just because she'd heard me next door.
Bah so fucking stupid, I wish I could either just resolve it or shake her again for another 6 months or a year, and the former is hardly an option.

So yeah Sally Huxham still thinking of you 13 years later, wondering what you did and who you became. Hope you're doing well.
» (No Subject)
I find the choice of Miliband or Miliband somewhat uninspiring, granted Ed is a bit more credible than David in many senses but neither of them are the sort of person who could broaden out a bit on the New Labour project and appeal to new voters or those who have fled the party.
David is a straight call back to the days of Blair, and not the good Blair years I mean his stance on Iraq is hardly a vote grabber.

And whilst Ed Balls would offer a different stance, he comes across a bit too combative rather than understanding and open.
Whilst again I don't think Harriet Harman would have been a vote winner I'm saddened that she's had to back away from it - because I do think she'd do a good job and whilst vilified by the right wing media is behind a bunch of the stuff that is really good about the Labour governments from 1997-2010.
Thus I'm hoping.. hoping that Ed Balls doesn't go for it and instead backs his wife for the job because Yvette Cooper is pretty brill and covers most of the things I'd like to see in a Labour leader.

ION I think Cameron has missed a trick in not giving Theresa May's women and equalities job to Baroness Warsi, because you know it'd be pretty difficult to argue your anti-equality when the job is in the hands of an asian woman from a working class background (yes her Dad is now a millionaire but he's self made and started as a mill worker) and the north - I mean she could only tick more boxes by being bi or something. (and yes I'm aware some of her early election leaflets were anti lowering the age of consent to 16 but she has repudiated it since and come out in favour of civil partnerships etc.) - frankly I just like her accent though so I may be biased
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