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Sawboss' Journal

All Hope abandoned ye who enter here

Matt Hope
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Hi there!

If you're reading this you should know who the hell I am already if not sod off.

However as a Bio

I was created in a womb as a secret socialist experiment sometime in the 1970's
I grew up in secret in the leafy Cheshire countryside in a place made famous by the international cheese competition and the international worm charming championships

I grew into my superpowers of plant control and being the pre-eminent tactical and political genius of the century but lamented the fact that I didn't get to fly like all the other superpowered kids of my town and just had to make do with an incredible hulk space hopper.

Obviously I also lament the fall of the Soviet Union but recognise that now is the time for my lefty super powers to come to the fore and through my manipulations of plants I will raise my triffid army to smash the neo-thatcherite junta and thence go on to bring the country over to true communism.

Or you could say I like plants, politics and gaming and I do some stuff at national level for the IOD gaming society.

"Here's 50p go phone someone who gives a shit"

"Vivian the bathroom's free, unlike the country under the Thatcherite Junta!"

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