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Take California May. 11th, 2010 @ 10:37 pm
Now to see if Cleggy has betrayed my (and many other peoples) vote by shacking up with the Tories or whether he actually got something good and not a knife to the guts of the working men and women of this country like most other Tory shafts are.

Better be something better than a fucking referendum on AV

But my mind is open on the matter.

Hopefully next time the Labour party will be something I want to vote for and has a chance of getting in locally as obviously my "keep the Tories out" tactical voting was a bit pointless.

Its rather a shame that Gordon could win all the arguments, put forth a better case, point out that the Tories didn't (and don't) know their arse from their elbow but because of the poisonous media environment he gets fucked.

Mail, Clegg, Nazi slur Apr. 23rd, 2010 @ 01:23 am
So whilst I doubt anyone on here actually reads the mail (shame on you if you do) they yesterday (thurs) decided to go with a headline of Clegg in Nazi Slur..

Which is apparently to do with Clegg making some comments about the British having a chip on our shoulder about winning the war etc. so not really a Nazi slur at all then really.

secondly the article it quotes is from 2002 http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2002/nov/19/eu.germany
When Clegg was an MEP and its quotation is all over the place frankly I think Nick made a good point back in 2002 and don't see why he should be ranked on for it.

thirdly the idea of the Mail having a go at anyone about Nazi links is fucking laughable when they were avid supporters of Benito and Adolf all through the 30's and had an editorial by Rothermere (the owner) in 1934 of "Hurrah for the Blackshirts"

Honestly I do think that some people will try anything to get the CONservatives back in so they can get the inheritance tax breaks for the wealthiest 3000 people in the country, obviously being funded by Lord (c)Ashcroft isn't doing it so they're pulling out all the dirtiest tricks.

and all this from the so called Liberal Media.. (I'm sure there is a conspiracy in the Media but I'm pretty sure it isn't liberal and its surname is Murdoch - maybe if we started a campaign for British Media owned by British Citizens it'd help..)

Riddle me this Apr. 6th, 2010 @ 01:24 am
Tory pledge on new cancer drugs

They promise to spend £200 Million pounds on new cancer drugs that haven't been approved by NICE, funded out of savings the NHS will make on not having to pay the additional money employers will pay on the planned labour increase on NI.

Seems fair..

But wait a moment, that NI increase hasn't been implemented yet, so exactly where is this £200 million?
Oh I think its in the current NHS budgets for things like beds, nurses, doctors and medicines.

Blimey, George couldn't be trying to produce money out of thin air again could he?

Now granted if Labour win and the NI increase goes ahead then some amount will have to be found to pay for it, but it is a rather mendacious comment from the Con's surely it'd be better to say we aren't going to be robbing the NHS of 200 million nicker like those Labour guys will with their NI increases? Rather than to float it out as something extra that they'll be giving the NHS when really its just a Paul Daniels magic trick with the figures.

Apr. 5th, 2010 @ 12:02 pm
So today I ordered a sofa

12 weeks....

If I'd gone to Argos it'd be here in days

Dunno if anyone is interested but.. Mar. 26th, 2010 @ 10:02 pm

RPGs and Board Games in Ely
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» Oh why not then.. ST appreciation stuff
Based on games I currently play in.

Mouse for his shit hot Requiem TT game, playing a low level ordo has never been such fun, even if we do tend to side track in to conversations about Batdog and the missing scenes from Lost (Cut to a fat clown in a deck chair smoking dope)

Andy Gelsthorpe for his equally awesome Dark Heresy game, Tuesdays just seem incomplete without a bit of inquisitorial action

Jez for London Lost, whilst I sometimes find it infuriating its not his STing just the situations of "oh god, yet more crap to deal with? I haven't solved the last crisis yet!"
Plus I got to have most of his hob stuff brutally murdered in a night of long knives/Kristallnacht without any "you can't do that" or ST protection of their stuff.

Jason again for Lost, his on the fly STing is brilliant (though sometimes his planned stuff is a bit too catch 22 for me cf Mage and Seers) and the scene with the Giant spiders and more detail on our durance background was amazing, not many folks can organise and run a mass combat that works for a whole range of different PC power levels and make each one feel like an achievement rather than too easy or grossly outmatched

Rhodes - for being a sly bastard, and deceptively quick witted ST

Keymer - his event ground sense is something I wish I had

Alex and Luke - for making Cambridge Requiem an awesome game (of course they had a firm foundation mind...)

James Holloway for his well thought out and wonderfully low key mortals game.

Mike Nudd - best Requiem VST currently in the game, even if he does ask too many bloody questions, go to London people!

Andy R - Another awesome requiem VST, granted his game style isn't everyone's cup of tea (but I doubt others are his) but the man pours effort into his game and the set dressing, props and discussion content of his games is something to behold, each month pretty much without fail they have a great theme, all attached to a solid game background. Yes its social, yes its snippy and backhanded insults and politeness tastic but its also fucking fantastic, hardcore social rp

Oh other people I like you too, Shek, Andy, Nick, Nick, Steph, Chris.

Also remember your Coordinators too they do a great job and you have my thanks for being awesome too
» IOD post again
Apologies to readers who don't play in this larp

So anyway..

The I think about it the more I'm dissatisfied/upset/down about the outcome of the last london lost game.
Its not solely "that" scene, although it would be somewhat indicative of my mood about it, but rather a plethora of small annoyances and gripes about it, which on the whole I think made my character look like a chump and in my mind didn't conform with what I'd asked for and worked on as the basis for the game.

I mean I was highly stressed on the run up to the game in that I thought people would hate it, as there had been a number of negative comments on the premise from a few quarters. And I don't think I was ever able to calm myself down from this highly stressed state to a comfortable game playing level throughout the evening.

I'd note I'd not planned it originally as a valentines game and was asked if I'd mind doing so, hence I changed a few things and tried to think of some fun ic social games to play in that vein - I think they all flopped badly.

My original plan had been to exclude npcs or at least non-changeling npcs or those my pc didn't know from the gathering - this seems to have fallen by the way side and I was too stressed to notice until too late on a number of occasions.

The idea had been to pledge folks at the beginning of the event, this seems to have also gone by the wayside and again I didn't notice until too late.

So there are a whole bunch of npc's there at the event who I assumed the ST would have informed me about if they weren't folks I recognised or were wrong uns but didn't know of - annoys me a bit

I did like the set dressing and so forth for the event it looked really like I'd wanted it too but certain objects just turning up was a bit.. I dunno again assumed work put in was under my pc's eyeball so bad stuff would've been spotted but again no.

I did like the song thing with the bracelets and that was a nice plot thing, if I'd known in advance I'd have worked the music a bit better to support this as it was I felt like I'd let that side down a bit.

I do have some serious issues with the way "That" scene was run in that the tests I made at face value look nothing like those in the book - however I have the ST's assurance that such was calculated behind the scenes and its ok.
If I hadn't been stressed out about the whole event and how it was all going tits up anyway and thus more panic and stress I might have actually sat and thought through my options a bit more and done something different.
It was also rather presented as fait accompli or was in my head and something I could do little to nothing about
In addition I thought the cordoned off area was to represent a separate room and not just a small screened off bit ic - if I'd known that even if other things went as they did I certainly wouldn't have done what I did there.

In sum total I guess I'm mostly upset that an event my pc planned and set up was to a greater extent set up behind his back by other folks and I got little if no chance to notice these changes or stop them before the event, or at least before they got out of hand. Also due to the complete lack of winter court support for my pc at the game (bar cormac who I only found out was there late on) I didn't really have any back up or whatever - I'd have preferred the large npc crew to have had a least a few npc winter types there to assist rather than a whole bunch of fuck things over npcs

In all I think that whilst some people may have enjoyed the event it went down as a complete shambles as something for the freehold and the idea of a nice social event with little interfering plot, a kind of rest and recoup away from all the troubles of the past months which had been the idea in my head.
Perhaps I hadn't communicated things well enough but I do feel pretty shit on.

Note this isn't me saying "Jez is a shit ST, I hate him" I don't I rather think he's pretty good actually and like him but I think that there were some serious miscommunications of him assuming I knew stuff, me assuming he knew what I was after and both of us assuming that it was fine.

So yeah the whole scene issue and folks assuming "Drago is a cheating shitbag" (which he's not but as folks dislike him they'll see it that way even if they've taken other pc's who've had the same powers used on them completely differently) just really tops it the fuck off really.

Which seeing as I went to some effort to at least try something cool and that and went through a lot of stressing about things really does just make me flat out depressed about it all.
Doesn't help that I've also got bugger all else to look forward to or around to take my mind off either, or that ic shit is sorting out at the pace of a snail..
Frankly I'm just fed up and want it done.
Whether I bother playing this weekend or not I don't know atm I find it unlikely.
» IOD post
Oh my mother....ing god.

That certainly could have gone better for me..

but at least its mostly angst stuff so might lead to cool rp.

Jesus, Drago is in the shit.
» (No Subject)
And the rattlesnake said,
"I wish I had hands so
I could hug you like a man."
And then the cactus said,
"Don't you understand,
My skin is covered with sharp spikes
That'll stab you like a thousand knives.
A hug would be nice,
But hug my flower with your eyes."
» Old year out, the new year in.

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