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Previous Entry Life update Sep. 24th, 2010 @ 12:54 am Next Entry
Well after a good few days off work I'm back to the not so grind stone

Days off were spent doing prep for the requiem weekender game, so including last minute plot writing stressing on the phone with Keymer and then saying fuck it and going to see Resident Evil 3D (not bad though you have to be a fan of the series I reckon) in which they reset the chronicle in the first 5 minutes with a power nerf - though at least it didn't involve orbital mind control lasers.

Then ran the weekender, my that was stressful and yet fulfilling after you finish it, less people than expected which is a shame, especially when you miss those folks who actually campaigned to have one last year..

As ever I get zits when I get stressed so I was glad no photos were taken.

On the other hand Ravenstor YHA is set in a very pretty area, if we do a game with a different venue next year I'll at least have time to go for walks in the countryside as I fucking hate insert other venue here with a firey passion as it sucks donkey balls and is over complicated. Personal opinion, I here their ANST is pretty cool though and runs a good game, I just hate it.

Came home by the scenic route thanks to Radio 2, sat nav and a warning call from Rhona.

Monday and Tuesday on the other-hand were pretty chilled out and nice days. Managed some shopping in the army navy store and got some DVDs from HMV

Wednesday involved another walk, discovered a lot of riverside stuff I didn't know existed by the technology museum.

Today back to work, didn't achieve much other than looking through some old papers trying to suss out a Tissue culture issue - of course as this was on Frenching symptoms this caused all kinds of fun with the blocked sites routine.

This evening was an enforced sit in as Alex "lost" his keys (they were sitting on the kitchen table next to where he parks his ass on the laptop), pity I could have done with going out tbh what with Buzz dramah yesterday.
Maybe I'll get shitfaced tomorrow.
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Date:September 25th, 2010 12:28 am (UTC)
Thanks for all your hard work :D
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