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Interesting article by Phillip Stevens in the FT yesterday… - Sawboss' Journal

About Interesting article by Phillip Stevens in the FT yesterday…

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Interesting article by Phillip Stevens in the FT yesterday


About how if the Con-Dem's want to cut fairly they should be cutting blanket benefits that go to the rich, like say winter fuel payments to minted pensioners and their bus passes etc.

I find it hard to believe that when the older generation have effectively screwed the younger generations out of loads of money in higher tax burdens and massive public service cuts for things which the old enjoyed to excess that Pensions and Pension reform should be off the cards.
I'd never conscience blanket cuts to benefits for the old, my old mum gets by on her basic state pension alone with no hoarded gold and in a council house, but when there are a bunch of folks who retire early with big pension pots etc. and who complain about having to sell their houses to pay for care etc. and think they should get it on the state when they clearly have assets to pay for stuff (why should people be allowed to effectively bludge the state for cash and pass that saving on to their kids as inheritance of a house?) Then I think there is much room for pruning.
Especially so when benefits to the young are being cut back and we probably spend more on any one pensioner than on a childs education, and unemployment and sickness/disability allowances are subject to increasingly tight and some might say too tight regulation why are pensions kept open to give handouts to the rich which they don't need?
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Date:June 9th, 2010 09:26 am (UTC)
It does seem rediculous that these things are 'paid irrespective of need'.

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